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Automobile Accident Cases!

Car accident cases are some of the most challenging  and stressful situations there are.  Especially when there are injuries sustained due to the accident.  ​

Your Colorado Springs Chiropractors at Back In Action Chiropractic understand these challenges / stresses and will do everything to help alleviate them as much as possible.

We are happy to accept all Medical Payment Policies and will gladly accept most cases on a Lien Basis.

As always we offer a free consultation to evaluate your case and determine how best we can serve you.

Our office can help you with the following:
  • Diagnosing and Treating Your Current Condition

  • Case Management

  • Medical Referals

  • Imaging Referals

  • Attorney Referals

  • Help Identify Means of Payment

  • Help Identify Who is Responsible for Payment

  • Detailed Documentation of Your Case

  • Pointers on Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

  • Advice you on when to seek an Attorney

  • Helping to Prove Your Case

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • Pain Management

  • and more!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions which should address most of your concerns.  If you do not see your question answered below please call our office and we will get you an answer as soon as possible.
I have just been in an accident.  What do I do now?
  • Check for injuries and call 911.

  • Immediately document details such as license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of drivers and passengers, and etc

  • If possible take pictures

  • Never admit fault to anyone

  • Give your side of the story to the police

  • Seek medical care if needed.

What is a Lien?

In short.  A lien is basically an agreement between you, and your doctor.  It is basically an agreement that the doctor will treat now and wait for payment until the case is closed.  The lien will also authorize your attorney or insurance adjustor to pay your doctor any balance owed prior to funds being sent to you.  Keep in mind that some attorneys or insurance companies will not honor the Lien and will send any funds directly to you.  This means you will now have to contact your provider and pay any balance owed.  In general a good rule of thumb is if you receive any funds from your attorney or insurnace provided make sure you contact all of your healthcare providers to see if there is still a balance owed.  With a lien... if in the end you are awarded no money than you are still responsible for any remaining balances at that time.

Do I need an attorney?

You are not required to have an attorney but the whole process is a lot easier if you do.  


Yes attorneys are expensive but most work on a contingency basis which means they do not get paid unless you do. Statistics also show that in cases where an attorney was retained the money offered was 5 times more than money offered in cases where an attorney was not retained.  


In short... Insurance companies are more likely to work with an attorney than to work with you individually.  Reason being they know you do not have an attorney and they are more likely be able to push you around.

Of course not all cases require an attorney so my advise would be to contact our office or contact an attorney for a free consultation to determine your best option for your case.

Can you recommend a good attorney?

Yes.  Through my experience treating auto cases I have found a handful of attorneys who I feel have the clients best interest in mind.  These attorneys are all professional, return calls, and are great at tracking everything involved with the case.  If you need me to recommend a good attorney please give my office a call.

The insurance adjuster just offered me money and said that is as much as they can give me.  Shouldn't I just take the money?

Think of it this way.  The insurance company is in the business to make money.  They dont care that you were injured by one of their drivers.  What they care about is making money.  The way they moke money is by convincing you to settle for less than what the case is worth or what you are entitled to.

Insurance adjustors are very good at their job.  In fact they are actually trained in varies techniques to either convince you, frustrate you, or scare you into accepting less money.  That is what they are paid to do.

If an adjuster offers you money I would advise telling them to pound sand until you have retained an attorney or until you can at least see what all of the medical expenses add up to in the end.  Keep in mind that you only have a certain time frame in which you can file a claim or file suit against the insurance company.  In most cases it is 2-3 years.  In others like where a city or government employee is at fault the that time from is only months.  Again I would advise talking to an attorney before making any decisions.

What are Medical Payment Policies aka Med Pay?

Medical Payment Policies are often refered to as "Med Pay" which is a seperate policy contained within your existing car insurance policy that will cover any medical expense incurred due to an automobile accident.  Colorado low requires every auto insurance to offer at least a $5000 coverage limit.  This policy can be increased if needed or can be waived but has to be done so in writing. Therefore, if you have never waived your Med Pay policy in writing, than you are probably covered up to at least $5000. Keep in mind that there is no penalty for utilizing this policy.  It is illegal for an insurance company to punish you in any way for using your Med Pay policy.

Can't I just use my Health Insurance?

Sure you can use your Health Insurance. The problem is that in most cases if your health insurance provider finds out the injuries are due to an accident they will deny care a say the automobile insurance is responsible.  In other cases your health insurance may pay for care but may later ask to be reimbursed for medical payments plus interest.  Keeping this in mind it is typically a last resort to utilize your health insurance in these cases.

Arent all attorneys the same?

As with any profession there are good one and there are bad ones.  So the answer to the question is no not all attorneys are the same.  

A good attorney will explain to you the entire procedure and take time to answer any and all question.  They will also identify all possible means of payment for medical expenses as well as identify amount of money available satisfy any cost of damages.

A good attorney will return phone calls and follow up with you as the case moves along.

In my experience there are two types of attorneys.  The first type is the attorney who continues to tell you that you need second opinions and more and more treatment.  The purpose of this is to accumulate more medical expense so that the attorney can ask for a higher settlement.  How does this help the attorney?  Well in most cases the attorney will take 40% of the settlement amount as their fee.  So naturally if you have more medical expense than the settlement will be higher and thus the attorneys 40% will be higher as well.  Problem with this is. In many cases after the attorney takes their 40% out of the settlement then there isnt enought funds available to pay all of the exagerated medical costs leaving you holding the bag.

The second type of attorney is the one who tracks medical expense and follows up with the providers to see how the client is doing.  This attorney will simply sit back and let the providers do what they do best.  This attorney is more concerned with making sure the client gets the care they need vs. getting care just to increase medical cost.

I advise looking for the second type of attorney if you decide to retain one.

I just received my check for my settlement.  Now what?

In most cases that money will be  yours to keep and do as you please.  However, I always advise people that once they receive a check in the mail to always contact their attorney as well as all healthcare providers to make sure they have all been paid.  Otherwise what happense is you receive the check assuming everyone has been paid.  You spend the money and now everyone is taking you to court or collections trying to collect the balance owed.  Easiest way to avoid this is to make some phone calls before cashing the check.

Any other questions?  Please feel free to contact our office and we will do our best to get you an answer.  719-634-2579
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